Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Begins

I'm hoping this will be the year that this whole DD lifestyle clicks for us!  I picture us at the edge of a cliff, making the decision to step off into this big new adventure but we are scared.  For me, I'm scared of jumping yet scared of not going for it.  I want to become so much MORE for you this year Sir.  We determined that my word for the year is "Change" and yours is "More".  Thus, why I have changed the title of my blog this year to "Changing for More". 

I want to change to become more for you.  More submissive, more attractive, more capable (do accomplish that which you ask of me), more supportive of you, more sexual, and most of all more in love with you!  I want to fall head over heals in love with you this year. 

You asked me this morning what an HOH gets out of DD.  Here's what I think.  It's like the fruit basket concept that we were introduced to years back.  When you dominate me by pushing my mental and physical limits and demanding compliance I feel that as a deposit into the fruit basket.  In turn, I submit to your lead, talk back less, don't argue with you, and open myself up to you sexually and those are my contributions to the fruit basket.  Thus, when you are relationally hungry you feel that the basket is full and so do I.  When one or the other of us stop contributing to that basket, we can go for a few days/weeks without eating but eventually our bellies start to grumble and before we know it starvation has set in. 

I know DD is a lot of work.  But Sir, we try to teach our kids that hard work is how we get ahead in life.  It's how we obtain great results.  Shame on us for thinking our marriage will just naturally fall together into a healthy Godly pattern.  We are both sinners, set on our own course for disaster...looking out for #1.  That's the exact pattern we need to break.  I am worth it, you are worth it, WE are worth it.

I challenge you to hold me firm to my word this year.  Remind me often of my desire to CHANGE.  Weave it into as many of our conversations as possible.  If I get upset with you bringing it up please do not let me get away with that...I NEED to hear it and be held to a new standard.  I don't want to stay where I am at in life.  I would love to challenge you to find out what MORE means for you inside of our DD lifestyle.  I'm scared that after our morning talk you will want to stop pursuing DD because of the extra work load.  However, MORE work will result in MORE results.  Running didn't come easy at first, did it?  And now look at what you can do.  I hope you can find in yourself the ability to require MORE from yourself in our marriage.  MORE domination, MORE expectations, MORE demands, MORE love, MORE words to communicate, MORE time devoted to learning about DD and how to expand our horizons. 

I love you Sir, let's experience this great new year together with a lot MORE CHANGE!

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